Friday, May 28, 2010

Child Support Agency (CSA) Advice

Child Support Agency (CSA) Advice: "Going through any relationship break-up is always difficult, but when children are involved the problems intensify. Anger, frustration, mistrust and a myriad of other emotions all combine, usually affecting the children more than anyone else.

Some parents manage to keep things civil, and organise shared custody, contact and maintenance payments between themselves for their children; other parents are unfortunately not able to be so civil, and it’s here that the Child Support Agency (CSA) usually becomes involved. The CSA claims that it exists to ensure that children get what they deserve, but the truth is far more sinister as many believe the CSA is merely a debt collection agency for the government. Here are some examples of how things can go wrong when the CSA becomes involved in a case." ... (Click on title link above to read entire article on what to expect from a Child Support Agency intervention.) ...

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