Friday, March 28, 2008

America's Youth Drowning In Happiness

America's Youth Drowning In Happiness: "When it comes to our children’s happiness, less is more.

That’s the surprising perspective of one Chicago psychologist concerned about the rising rates of youth depression and anxiety.

“Millions of well-intentioned parents have made life harder for their children by shielding the kids from every kind of unhappiness,” according to Aaron Cooper, Ph.D., co-author of a new book on the dangers when parents make happiness the most important thing. “These parents try to soften every edge in their children’s lives, and it’s crippling the kids emotionally.”

“Without plenty of practice coping with ordinary sadness, upset, disappointment, and hurt, kids don’t develop resilience,” Cooper explained. “And without resilience, they’re vulnerable to all kinds of problems.”"

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