Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Costs Of Raising Kids – Controlling The Expense

The Costs Of Raising Kids – Controlling The Expense: "Let’s face it – kids are expensive. Clothes are outgrown every few months and have to be replaced. Toys and games are never cheap, not to mention getting broken and tossed in the garbage heap. Movies and other forms of entertainment drain the pocketbook.

Books can seem expensive too, but books are so essential in the education of our children, this is not an expense that should be cut out of the budget. Think of books as an investment in your child's future. When my own daughter was tiny, I spent lots of money on goofy picture books that inspired her to giggle. The warm, fun times centered on books helped her learn to love reading. That opened the way for intellectual curiosity in general. Flash forward to college. She was rewarded with a full-ride scholarship worth almost one-hundred and forty grand over four years." ... (Click on title link above to read entire article) ...

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