Thursday, June 22, 2006

Teens And Sex -- 5 Must Ask Questions

Teens And Sex -- 5 Must Ask Questions: "What I am about to tell you may save the life of your child. In today's world the safety and well-being of your teenager depends on his awareness and knowledge of sex.
It is critical that you, as a responsible and loving parent address that issue in detail. Here are some key questions to broach the subject, to let your child know you care and want the best for him.

Recognize he may be reluctant to speak about something so personal with you if you are not accustomed to sharing feelings and intimate topics. You may feel embarrassed bringing up the subject.

Before you do, be sure you can answer these questions for yourself. Also, decide what you are comfortable sharing about your personal experiences and beliefs on the subject of teen sexuality and activity." ... (Click on title link above to read entire article) ...

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