Sunday, May 21, 2006

Surviving Colic

Surviving Colic: "Colic is basically uncontrollable crying in a healthy baby. It can come as early as two weeks and last as long as three months. Typically they will cry for hours at a time and may do this a few times a week. If your baby is crying like this and appears ill of course seek medical attention. If you think your baby has colic but are worried or not sure don't hesitate to seek a diagnosis. Crying is the only way a baby has to communicate and the crying doesn't always mean colic. If your child is hungry or tired this can definitely produce a crying baby. Check to see if your baby is comfortable. Take into consideration your baby's personality some babies just like to be held. If all else fails there is a chance it is colic. I will say it again if you're concerned seek professional advice. Colic is stressful on you and baby but thankfully it does not last forever. Dealing with a colicky baby can be a true test on your physical stamina and emotional stability. I was lucky enough to endure it twice. At times I felt like I was going to begin crying uncontrollably my self. " ... (Click on title link above to read entire article) ...

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