Thursday, March 09, 2006

Empty Nest - an end of just the beginning?

Empty Nest - an end of just the beginning?: "Your child's college applications have finally been completed " you've survived the first part of the stressful college search. But for some reason, instead of feeling a sense of relief, you wake up with a sense of dread lurking somewhere in the back of your mind that you know has little to do with the four years of college bills you're about to face.

You probably thought it wouldn't hit until you drove away from the campus, leaving your son or daughter to fend for themselves for the first time, or when you got home and notice how quiet the house seems with one less person. But even now, months before, you're not sure you're ready, are plagued with questions about how you will fill the empty days or what it will mean for you." ... (Click on title link to read entire article) ...

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